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The Inside Scoop of Ben & Jerry's


Oct 2020




HTML Canvas


The Puddding Cup


Ben & Jerry's

The Inside Scoop of Ben & Jerry's is an in-depth look at the 98 different ice cream flavors offered by Ben & Jerry's around the world. It is an extensive deep dive into Ben & Jerry’s base flavors (chocolate, vanilla, etc.), additions (cookie dough, brownies, etc.), type (dairy, non-dairy, etc.), and country.

Additionally, it looks at the combination of these attributes. Which additions are more likely to appear in chocolate ice cream? Does the U.S. have different taste preferences from those in other regions? This light hearted visualization will have you screaming for ice cream!


The most challenging part of this project was ensuring all pieces from end to end lived up to our vision, as this project was our first time creating a web-based visualization. We wanted to find the best way to tell an engaging, joyful story, but had to balance that with creating a user experience that worked across devices and browsers.

For example, we used a circle for each of the 98 flavors. We wanted to transition the position of the circle between each section. However, we noticed the performance lagged occasionally and scrolling too fast would break the visualization.

We had to figure out how Canvas worked, and how it worked with D3.js, in order to fix the speed. All in all, we faced a lot of challenges as we navigated the complexities of the web, but we learned a lot doing it!