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Data Visualization

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Hi. I'm Hesham. A data visualization designer and developer, available for hire.
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interactive app

It has become a challenge to keep track of the rapidly evolving international response to COVID-19, especially when it comes to travel restrictions and the daily changing regulations.

This tool is designed to make it easier to visualize who is in lockdown, who has closed borders, which countries have outbound travel bans, recent travel related news, and more!

Explore the world today from the comfort of your own home!

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The Inside Scoop of Ben & Jerry's

data journalism

An in-depth look at the 98 different ice cream flavors offered by Ben & Jerry's around the world. It is an extensive deep dive into their base flavors (chocolate, vanilla, etc.), additions (cookie dough, brownies, etc.), type (dairy, non-dairy, etc.), and country.

Additionally, it looks at the combination of these attributes. Which additions are more likely to appear in chocolate ice cream? Does the U.S. have different taste preferences from those in other regions?

This light hearted visualization will have you screaming for ice cream!

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Running in Color

data journalism